SAZERAC presents:

The First Stars

October 23 2020 13:00-17:00 UTC

(9am-1pm EDT, 3pm-7pm CEST, 10pm on October 23rd - 2am on October 24th JST)

SOC: Anna Schauer (chair), Greg Bryan, Zoltan Haiman, John Wise

Location: Zoom, YouTube, and Slack

The transition of the Universe from neutral to ionized, and from metal-free to metal-enriched, starts with the formation of the first stars. These objects are too faint to be observed with even the next generation of telescopes, and we rely on theoretical models or numerical simulations to understand their properties and the impact on their surroundings. In this one-day SAZERAC sip, we would like to bring the simulation community together to discuss some of the following questions:

This sip has now happened and we want to thank everyone who participated. You can find the talks in a playlist on our YouTube channel and linked in the programme below. You can also find a copy of the conference photo below.


Conference Photo