SAZERAC presents:

Quasars During Reionisation

December 3/4 2020 16:00-18:00 UTC (17:00-19:00 Mainland Europe, 08:00-10:00 USA West Coast)

SOC: Sarah Bosman and Xiaohui Fan

Location: Zoom, YouTube, and Slack

The first quasars are finally in observational reach owing to increasingly performant selection techniques and facilities. Both observations and simulations are investigating their properties, origin, and role in the early Universe. In this SAZERAC sip meeting over 2 half-days, we will reflect on the potential for future observations to further our understanding of early quasars. The central questions addressed will be:

This meeting will follow the structure of the successful SAZERAC meeting. Contributed talks will be selected to give priority to graduate students and early-career scientists. Questions and discussions among participants will be encouraged on a dedicated official Slack channel.

Talk submission has now closed and selected talks are listed below.

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Day 1: 3 December

Detecting high-z quasars:
SMBH formation:

Day 2: 4 December

The hosts of high-z quasars:
Quasar proximity zones: