SAZERAC presents:

CIDER: The Cold ISM During the Epoch of Reionisation

24/25 February 2021 16:00-18:30 UTC (17:00-19:30 Mainland Europe, 08:00-10:30 USA West Coast)

SOC: Maria Emilia De Rossi, Peter Laursen, Christopher Lovell, Aswin Vijayan

Location: Zoom, YouTube, and Slack

The first stellar populations drive a fundamental transformation of the early Universe, contributing to its reionisation and polluting the pristine interstellar medium (ISM) with the first heavy chemical elements. In addition, the first supernovae lead to the formation of the first dust grains, affecting the visibility of galaxies. Over the next 1.5 billion years — known as the epoch of reionisation — the cold ISM evolved significantly, affecting the formation of early galaxies (z > 3). Understanding the cold ISM during this period is therefore crucial to understand the process of galaxy formation and evolution.

Join us in dedicating two sessions to bring together our expertise, update each other on our work, and spawn new ideas and collaborations. The meeting aims to cover the following non-exclusive topics:

We look forward to a lively meeting in the successful SAZERAC structure, with contributed talks from a diverse set of speakers — giving priority to early career scientists. Questions and discussions among participants will be encouraged on a dedicated official Slack channel.

To attend the sip without contributing you don't need to register but you should sign up for the SAZERAC community mailing list to stay up-to-date, and receive login details for Zoom/Slack. By participating in this SAZERAC sip you agree to abide by the SAZERAC code-of-conduct. For queries about this sip please email Peter Laursen.


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Observations (24 February 2021)

Theory (25 February 2021)